2017/03 news

2017-04-18 Last modified on 2023-02-03

'sup world ?

Here are some links from last month, hope you'll enjoy it.

If it's cool, or not, please tell me, I'd love to have some feedback.

Did I miss your favorite link from last month? Don't be shy and add it here!


  • atlassian/localstack: A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud apps offline!: link
  • Angular: v4.0.0
  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1: link
  • Polymer 2.0 Release Candidate!: link
  • react-router v4: announce, npm
  • usql: a universal command-line interface for SQL databases: https://github.com/knq/usql


  • Does CSS Grid Replace Flexbox?: link
  • CSS API Client: The power of Algolia distilled into a single .css file: link
  • Setting the Record Straight: containers vs. Zones vs. Jails vs. VMs: link
  • curl is C: link
  • Improving mobile web conversions just by optimizing web forms: link
  • The end of smartphone innovation: link
  • Choose SQL: link
  • How I Became a Better Programmer: link
  • Messaging Hell: link
  • The eigenvector of "Why we moved from language X to language Y": link
  • Tim Berners-Lee: I invented the web. Here are three things we need to change to save it: link
  • Hey Look, It's Every Bootstrap Website Ever: link
  • CommonMark A strongly defined, highly compatible specification of Markdown: link
  • “Hello, (real) world!” in PHP in 2017: link
  • Tricher grâce à l’UX quand il n’y plus de code optimisable – Confoo 2017: link (french)
  • How I found a $5,000 Google Maps XSS (by fiddling with Protobuf): link
  • World Wide Web, Not Wealthy Western Web (Part 1) by Bruce Lawson: link
  • How Caddy auto-detects HTTPS interception: link
  • Google contributes its gRPC framework to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation: link
  • What it feels like to be an open-source maintainer by Nolan Lawson: link
  • Go 2016 Survey Results: link