Audible vs Kindle Fire

2014-04-24 Last modified on 2021-05-24


How are you ? You can have a free audiobook when you register at Audible. Ain't that awesome ? (don't forget to cancel your account after if you don't want their membership).

About le Kindle Fire

I received a Kindle Fire 7" a few months ago. I am very happy with the device, even without the Google Play Store.

What's the problem ?

The kindle is an amazon product, Audible is an amazon company... Audible audiobooks seem to be available on the device (see here). But I'm french, and the french version of the Kindle doesn't have the "Audiobooks" menu option...

What's the real problem

There is a nice Audible app for android on the Play Store and Amazon App-Shop.

BUT it's not available for the Kindle.

Not available

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT<br/>— Siegfried Ehret


The solution is sideloading.

You can't survive with a kindle without it.

I am using Titanium Backup to save my apps from my phone and install them on the Kindle.

Apps are stored and compressed (.tar.gz) in the following directory: /storage/sdcard0/TitaniumBackup (this may differ on your device).

You just have to retrieve the archive for your app, extract it and booyah, you get the apk, which is installable on the Kindle.

It works very well for the Audible app ;-).

Some apps requires more than the apk to work (ex: big games). Haven't tried installing one yet.