beulogue features

2019-05-24 Last modified on 2021-05-24

I had a question about beulogue features, and how it can be compared with Hugo and Pelican.


Content, like many static site generators, are in Markdown, which is pretty limited.

The front-matter expect only a few things. Maybe more to come (author, template maybe ?).

beulogue handles multilingual websites, puting every language in its own folder à la Hugo.


2 HTML files (templates/list.html and templates/page.html) and that's it. It uses mustache.

Templating is very limited and that's what I want.

It is the user responsibility to manage the templating and styling workflow and provide these 2 templates. I will blog about that soon to show how I do it.


With Hugo my website was built in ~200ms.

beulogue builds about the same amount of pages in ~230ms. Compared to its limited features it is surely slower that Hugo but it is good enough.


There is none ! Well, beulogue has a README which should be enough.

Hugo's documentation is huge and I found it hard to digest sometimes.

Final notes

I think the power of beulogue is to be «feature-limited», with a few conventions to apply. And that's on purpose.

Keep in mind that beulogue is an experiment to discover the Crystal programming language, 2 years after playing with the same concept with Node.js.

It is a side project, so expect dirty code, and no test. It will get better soon !