Beulogue... The end?

Sunset in Onagawa
Sunset in Onagawa
2021-05-25 Last modified on 2021-05-26

Once upon a beulogue...

beulogue is my go-to project when I want to dig more into a language and its ecosystem.

In 2015, the first beulogue came to life and it was made with Node.js.

In 2019, it was retired and the second beulogue was unleashed on Earth and more (if you have an Internet access). It was my first real-life project with Crystal.

Today is the end of the second beulogue.

But alors, you abandon us?

Haha no, I abandoning myself since I was the only user!

Even if beulogue will not be developed anymore in its current form, a third one may see the light one day!

Starting now, the current repository, documentation, templates and Docker action are not maintained anymore.

You can still use it and the documentation will stay available.

And this website?

This website has been over-engineered for fun (and no profit).

⚠️ sadly, the RSS feeds links have changed, please update!

That's all folks!

beulogue is the second project I stopped this year, after brrr. This is give me more time for a new secret project about writing.

Stay tuned for 2 articles in the near future about:

  • The new workflow
  • The secret project

Thank you! Love.