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2023-05-21 Last modified on 2023-05-21

The previous post like this happened on my French website, where I explained the move to SvelteKit and other details.

beulogue... ?

beulogue is the name dead side projects to explore different languages while building a static site generator. First in Node.js, then in Crystal, then (not really static but voilà) using SvelteKit.

... beulogue!

The main motivation behind the migration was the unnecessary stack when I needed a static website.

I have been looking at Astro for a while, I tried before (pre 1.0) and it failed hard to match my needs. Trying it again now, I am very happy with the result and you are looking at the website built with beulogue v4 (using Astro).

And I broke the RSS feed because the date format is different, sorry!

For the curious minds out there, the code is here.

Now, I need to find a way to configure a webhook between Contentful and Sourcehut. See you!