2022-05-01 Last modified on 2022-05-02

Following the recent news of acquisition by Elon Musk, I will be closing my Twitter account.

I want to believe that Elon Musk's desires to make the platform more open will be beneficial to it, but I want to get away from the properties of this person.

Reminder: Elon Musk Is Not Your Friend

After Twitter?

I think that a salutary evolution for Twitter is the work done around Bluesky (see also bluesky community / decentralized-ecosystem), but I don't think we will see that before a long time.

I have received my data archive and will process it, and use a nitter instance to get RSS feeds and continue following your adventures.

Today, we have other choices with the Fediverse. On my side, I went with Mastodon and I am active here:


  • By email at siegfried (at)
  • By phone (ask me) and on Signal
  • On Keybase: siegfriedehret

A note about Twitter Blue

I subscribed to Twitter Blue for a month. I was hoping to find an answer on 2 points that could be improved on the platform: the filter bubble and the ads. Today, Twitter Blue does not resolve them.

But we can change the app icon, awesome! (not). See the Twitter Blue features.

And we can have an NFT profile picture. I followed How do I set my NFT as my Twitter profile picture? – OpenSea and la FAQ NFT de Twitter Blue Labs to create my face, and I see it in my wallet, but it does not work because it is not a real transaction. So the experience ends here, I do not want to go further in the huge scam that is the world of NFTs. If you read French, here is an interesting article about NFTs.