Apple, B, C, D

Okay, I had to buy an iPhone one year ago or so, because I wanted a phone with more than 16go of space. Well, after around one year, here are a few thoughts. Enjoy.


The company we love to hate. I had 2 iPod Touch, the second one was a replacement of the first because of a jack


I was pretty happy for a few months, I didn’t had to charge it during the day and still had 30% left ! It’s not the case anymore. I have the freaking 30% battery bug: around 30-40% left, the phone shuts itself down. If I try to restart it, it asks me to plug it. I can try to restart it, and after 3 or 4 reboots, sometimes I can use it normally.

To sum up: the battery sucks and I have to stay at more than 40%… (To be continued… see the Support part)


That is a pretty good point of the iPhone. Pictures are pretty cool !


Apple, the king of design.

When they switch to a flatter design and abandoned skeuomorphism, that was kind of a fail (even if a shitload of designers were fapping themselves because if you think different than Apple you are a moron).

Now, with the nice, light and clean interface for all app, it became acceptable. For example:


I thought that was a joke for halloween, but the Alarm app is still like that. Horrible and not practical.

Also, you can see that the «Modify» button is not a button but a label. Well, you know… Design… Fuck.


I got a nice deal and my iPhone was not that expensive ^^

Find apps

The App Store is really bad:

Great browser

In fact: you won’t find one on the iPhone. Seriously, Safari… And fucking web views for other browsers…


What I am currently feeling, writing this article.


I really think Apple needs to improve the photo albums a lot.

For example: when you want to download an album of 170 pictures, you expect a nice archive. That is what you’ll get: 170 pictures in your download folder. 👏 👏cra

Jack plug

I had this issue with my previous iPod touch, and it is still here: the headphone plug sucks, and it is already becoming fragile on my phone.

I understand why they removed it on iPhone 7 !


Explanation about KISS

Apple is often depicted as a company that makes products simple. The iPhone is not that simple.

The best example for me is the notifications.


The launcher and interface.

I really miss Android. The Apple launcher is really not for people who like to be organized ^^


The bottom menu (on swipe) became less usable.

We should be able to choose what to display. I don’t care about AirPlay, AirDrop or Night Shift, but I listen to music a lot. I have no choice to move between the 2 panels.


I don’t remember how it was on ios9, but they suck on ios10.

Open / Closed principle

When Apple tries to open things, they like to keep is closed to prevent you from using other apps.


Well, apps. I miss the Unknown sources from Android soooo much !


Some good hip hop / rock from Iceland !


Ok, settings, but I needed a word beginning with R ^^

I like the way the settings are organized and how the apps and notifications are listed. Very nice.


The support. sigh

Trying to find a way to solve the 30% battery bug, I contacted the Apple Support on Twitter.

After allowing them to spy on my phone and giving them screenshots or my battery consumption, their piece of advice was:

Stay up to date

There is a replacement plan from selected serial numbers. I am not in their range.

Seriously. Well, fuck you then, I’ll go back to a real phone next time.


It is basically cool only to swipe between your screens in the launcher. When I try to unlock my phone using a code (when the phone starts), I often have to try 2 times because the touch thing is not responsive enough to follow the 6 digits I input.

Also, sometimes you have to «touch» to many times. For example, the alarm screen. To change the time of an alarm, you have to touch the «modify» label



I have always thought that the proprietary Apple thingig to plug the iPhone was stupid. Not having to check the way when I plug it was actually a good surprise !

After a few months, it is now pretty fragile and the plug goes out pretty easily. I am really starting to think that it is a shitty product.

Various apps you don’t need

Finally, we are able to remove default apps !!


Haha, nope.


Yearly planned obsolescence

Dear iPhone,

I know you are starting to be fucked up because the 7th went out and you want me to buy it. Never again.


I could not find the zoology track from their «Clones Live in Berlin», so here is another track: