Farewell, FirefoxOS

FirefoxOS is (was ?) a mobile device experiment.

Recently, they announced:

We will make space for this [IoT] exploration by stopping our work to build and ship smartphones through carrier partners.

FirefoxOS devices

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried to install it on a real device (middle/high-end one).

I tried the following phones:

They all suck. Seriously. Even basic Android phones are as cheap and offer better performances.

The OS

Mozilla made an amazing thing enabling the devices possibilities to be used from a web app.

Compared to the two (Android and iOS, I have not tried Windows Mobile), the platform is waaaayyy behind.

So what ?

FirefoxOS is a «WEB APP ALL THE THINGS» OS only, and I think they killed themselves not allowing «native apps» on mobiles.

It may be a good move to apply FirefoxOS to other things.