To 2015 and beyond !

Dear visitor,

I hope everything went well in 2014 and my only wish for this new year is that you make it awesome.

My program for this year:


I want to give this blog a real life (sorry, the pinky theme will stay). I will start soon with an article on “Be nice 101”. Stay tuned !

##Ā Speaking

I made a few “corporate” talks last year:

I want to go further and give talks at meetups etc.

##Ā Learning

Last year, I finished the Functional Programming Principles in Scala coursera, I had a CSSĀ workshop with RaphaĆ«l Goetter from alsacreations.

Learn all the things

I will continue to use and discover:

I plan to dive into (I will not have enough time for everything…):

Also, I want to learn more things, starting now: Dino 101 !

##Ā Keeping on

This year, I will keep on:

##Ā Peace ?