To 2017 and beyond

It’s that time again…

Last year, I added some «interludes» with music I like or something, you’ll find the same in this new one.


I wrote some articles on this blog (10 !). I think the most viewed one was the one about TypeScript (I do not have any analytics / tracking stuff on this website so I do not have any proof though).

I did some real things again for sfeir:

And some small contributions in the articles of awesome coworkers:

I had a ticket for dotCSS and dotJS but I fucked up when planning my holidays… So I skipped the conf to stay in Japan. No report for these confs, sorry !

This will not stop in 2017 ^^.

Interlude: A Tribe Called Quest - We The People….


That was a crazy year.

With my buddy Romain Maton, we spoke at:

Our talk was about JavaScript frameworks, communities, hype, and fanboyism. It’s in french:

It was an amazing experience. The talk at the Jug Summer Camp should be available on youtube at some time. I am not sure yet I’ll be ready to make another one this year, but who knows :) (edit: I submitted a conf talk to Devoxx France, we’ll see…)

Interlude: Aesop Rock - Shrunk


I played a little more with:

I started using:

For 2017, I’ll have to learn some Angular (understand version 2 and later…) and RxJS. Starting soon !

Interlude: Carly Rae Jepsen - Higher


I’ve been to some events like coding game «coders stike back»

(That dude with a My Little Pony t-shirt… That is me)

My real serious side project is:

Some small projects are waiting:

And other things are still in my head. I talked last year about a secret project… I haven’t started yet. Stay tuned ! It should be written in Go + VueJS.

Also, I have contributed to open source projects ! True story !

Making open source projects better, one typo at a time.
—Siegfried Ehret

Interlude: NEVERMEN - Mr Mistake

Computers and stuff

I got a Raspberry Pi, I have not opened it yet. I will in 2017 !

I switch to Arch Linux in february 2016, and I love it !

I use i3 and I want to try bspwm.

I am a big fan of jetbrains products, even though I try to spend more time in neovim.

I switched from zsh to fish, you should really try it. Fast and powerful.

I forgot when I closed my account at LastPass, but I am using pass and it is freaking cool.

I have also started a dotfiles repository with some configs.

The only thing I am still missing is configuring mutt.

I also want to find a modern and lightweight browser…

Interlude: deadmau5 - No Problem


Here are some movies I liked:

And those that where below my expectations:

And some I hope to see:

That being said (written): Clerks 2 is still my favourite movie after 10 years, because:

Interlude: Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: SXSW 2016

Starting ? Pursuing ?

I have soooo much things to do…


Just another interlude because I don’t have extra content for you

Interlude: Run The Jewels - Legend Has It

Happy new year !

As I say every year:

Happy new year to everybody who will have a happy year. For the others, stay strong and let’s hope 2018 will be here promptly.

Final: Wormrot - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Grind