How to change IntelliJ expansion options

2013-11-06 Last modified on 2021-05-24

I use intelliJ for... Everything.

When I create a test.css file with:

#plop {

If I start typing something, like wid, intelliJ displays a panel for easy completion:

intellij expansion panel

And I hit the tab key, intellij expands wid to widows instead of width. That's normal because widows precedes width alphabetically. But I use width a lot more.

How to change this ?

Hit the down key to select wid (widows: ...;) and mouse over the end of the line:

intellij expansion panel

And click the lightbulb:

intellij expansion panel

Choose the Edit live template settings option.

intellij live templates options

Change the Description and Template text values to what you want:

intellij live templates options updated !

Save, and enjoy your customized expansion from wid to width !