News from last month (2019/04 edition)

2019-04-02 Last modified on 2022-10-29

As said in the previous edition, no Medium links this month. Still a lot to read 😅.

Special things of the month

A new era for Japan

The current era, 平成 (Heisei) corresponds to the reign of the Emperor Akihito. He is married to Empress Michiko.

<a title="State Department photo by William Ng / Public domainEast Asia and Pacific Media Hub [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons" href=""><img width="512" alt="Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko cropped Barack Obama Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko 20140424 1" src=""></a>

The new name is 令和 (Reiwa); read more about it here.

Web & Frontend (HTML, CSS, JS...)

WebAuthn, a new important standard:

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Backend & other languages

Other languages:


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Business, career, Level up

Open source:

Amazon vs Elastic:


Privacy, Digital Rights, Security

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Apple VS Spotify:

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