News from last month (2021/06 edition)

2021-06-01 Last modified on 2022-10-29

Before we start

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Before we start 2

A friend asked me previously about these "News from last month" posts. Here are a few details!

I like to read news and other articles. This is part of many moments in my day. Maybe too many moments, that is another story. When I read something interesting, that I want to keep track, I send it to my Pinboard.

I go through all links again when the time comes to write these articles, to make sure all links are still valid. This part is not automated (yet). I started adding tags to most of the links, I need to play a bit with the API to generate the list automatically.

In all categories, a lot of links come from Reddit and Twitter, also from some friends, and a few newsletters. For example:

I am aware of The Last Web Page, but I refuse to open it yet!


Web (HTML, CSS, JS, Design...)

Something intriguing:

And now, the usual links:

Backend & languages

Other things, good practices, thoughts etc

En français / In French:

Cloud & Ops/DevOps

Science, Data, AI

En français / In French:

Open source, Projects & Tools

Business, career, level up, thoughts

Privacy, Digital Rights, Security

En français / In French:


En français / In French: