Salary transparency

Following the example from this page, here is an overview on my different jobs and associated salaries.

🚧 This is the first version of this page, some numbers are wrong because I have not been through all my archives yet; starting with MetLife, I am confident with the numbers. I will also include raises.

Title Company Start End Entry Salary Note
Web Developer Eurelis 2008-01 2010-07 €31,000.00 moved to Japan with a working holiday visa (final salary: €36,000)
Software Engineer Eurelis 2011-06 2014-04 €37,000.00 quit (final salary: €41,000)
Software Engineer Sfeir 2014-04 2015-08 €42,000.00 promoted
Senior Software Engineer / Team Leader Sfeir 2015-09 2016-06 €49,000.00
Bonus: €5,000.00 (Team Leader)
moved to Japan (final salary: €60,000 + 5,000)
Senior Software Engineer MetLife Japan 2018-12 2019-03 ¥9,000,000 moved to Switzerland
Senior Software Engineer SonarSource 2019-04 2020-10 CHF 126,000.00 quit
Senior Software Engineer CyberPeace Institute 2020-11 CHF 120,000.00