To 2016 and beyond

2016-01-01 Last modified on 2021-05-24


I wrote last year about my plans for 2015. Let's see what happens and what I want for 2016.


  • ☑ things I have done last year
  • ☐ things I have failed to do last year
  • ★ new !

☑ Writing

I wrote some articles on this blog (mostly about my experimentations and shitty side projects) and some reports for sfeir:

I'll continue to share things and try to contribute to other blogs for 2016.


Interlude: Ceschi - This won't last forever (hip-hop)

Back when I was 10, sang "fuck the police".<br> 20 years later - know exactly what that means.

☑ Speaking

I gave some "corporate" talks:

We also launched the CSS Paris meetup with Vincent and Damien.


Interlude: 打首獄門同好会 - 日本の米は世界一 (a japanese song about japanese rice, which is the best in the world ^^)

☐ Learning

Half done !

I dived a little bit into:

  • react
  • vuejs

And I had a very small insight of meteor.

Not achieved:

  • The Practical Common Lisp chapter about macros.
  • Machine Learning / Big Data things.


Interlude: Bloqués - Le Jeu du Johnny Deep (french word play)

★ Programming

I finally invested some time into into some personal projects:

  • beulogue, a static site generator
  • jisho, a command line japanese dictionary
  • get-chromium-apk, a tool to download chromium for android (not sure if working anymore :p)

This year, I will focus on:

  • jtutu, to try to build a frontend JS framework thing
  • ikuzo, a secret project (command line)
  • yosh, the frontend part for ikuzo


Interlude: ゲスの極み乙女。 - 私以外私じゃないの

☑ Keep on

I still have my account but I don't use it much. Everything of from last year is ok !


Interlude: Peste noire - Dans ma nuit (french countryside black metal)

Peace ?

This was last year post question, and my answer was «Peace.»

A lot of shitty events happened in France and elsewhere in 2015 (like every year before, and sadly it will be the same for the next ones) and I can't be optimistic about it.

Some music to calm your spirit and bring peace to all of you: