To 2021 and beyond

2021-01-05 Last modified on 2021-05-24

Hello, I hope you are doing well.

Still in Switzerland!

We enjoy living in Geneva (even with COVID restrictions). The city is nice and it is easy go get out of it by bike. We changed our plans for the summer holidays, we went to the other side of Switzerland instead of Japan. That was amazing! We took 2 panoramic trains and visited beautiful places.

I spent most of the year at SonarSource, working on SonarCloud and it was great, but I chose another way.

The job offer for the same position is still online, apply now!

I was slacking on LinkedIn in the summer and found an interesting opportunity at the CyberPeace Institute and I started there early November. The CyberPeace Institute is a non-governmental organization based in Geneva working to help achieving "A Cyberspace at Peace for Everyone, Everywhere". I joined a multidisciplinary team and we have a huge roadmap for 2021. Quite exciting!

In 2019 I got a bike and 2020 was really cool, Strava said I did 3593 kilometers! My Strava profile

My bike at the Col de La Croisette

This old bike suffered with me to the top of the few mountains around Geneva, and around Lake Geneva twice!


2020 was a sad year for everything, including events.

I was selected for a talk « Coder avec Crystal pour ne pas perdre la boule » at Devoxx France and BreizhCamp which were cancelled. I was invited by Les Rendez-Vous des Speakers to give it for Halloween, that was super fun (and strange, it was the first time I gave a talk from my home).


I kept on playing with Crystal and kept on improving beulogue, my very own static site generator. I also created brrr, an experiment to get our of brew. They have their own Docker image and building/deploying docs for both projects are automated using GitHub Actions.

I finally found the time to try Nim and nimige was born. It is a very basic and experimental Gemini server.

As usual, great success: made by 1 dev for 1 dev!

I send a few pull requests to fix typos in some projects, let's continue to make open source projects better, one typo at a time.

Other things



I want to see:


I don't read much (or I spend to much time reading stuff on the Internet)... I asked for a few books recommendations last year and I read nothing from the answers I got, but they are on my list! Anyway.

I want to read:


What to expect in 2021?

Last year I added a few thoughts about tech. I don't really want to do this now, maybe later.

I just hope for something better than what happened in 2020.

  • Starting 2021 with the end of Trump as a President of the USA is a good sign, right?
  • The decline of COVID-19: officially (emergency) approved vaccines are getting distributed, and the few people who got the Russian one and are still alive can confirm that it works well
  • Elon Musk sends complotists on Mars so we can be at peace here

On my side:

  • I cooked a few cakes last year, maybe because of Dessertissime (see below), and I will continue
  • I have a long list of classical music that I want to listen to
  • I will keep on learning kanji!
  • And maybe you browsed some of my "News from last month", I will continue that!

Take care and please go meet Stéphane and buy his cakes!

Happy new year!

Happy new year to everybody who will have a happy year. For the others, stay strong and let's hope 2022 will be here promptly. Please be good, fair and funny.

If you are still reading, know that I love you very much. Let's end this with a song from Marc Rebillet: