To 2022 and beyond

2022-01-08 Last modified on 2022-01-08

Hello, is it me you're looking for? I hope you are doing well.


I joined the CyberPeace Institute at the end of 2020 and I am learning a lot since I joined! I am part of a team with various expertises (cybercrime investigators, digital forensics experts etc.) which is quite fascinating. I think that officially we say that we "develop an innovative analytical framework and forensics capabilities".

I have been involved in multiple subjects, for example:

And helped other teams:

On the dev side:

And I survived Kubernetes! Many thanks to some old friends (Papy, Prune, Vincent, Kaneda) for their precious help!

Not work

I killed some projects and secretly retarted one of them. Still playing with Crystal and enjoying my first steps with Nim.

For the web, I am still in love with Svelte and SvelteKit, and curious about Solid and Astro. The JavaScript landscape is quite exciting and I hope for a replacement of the classic trio Angular / React / Vue. Anyway, everybody relies on jQuery in the real world...

About this website:

I have my domains on AWS since years because I was using up to deploy everything. Up is an amazing tool but I switched to Vercel for my deployments. I can now move my domains out of AWS (to Gandi).

Last year I also set up Bitwarden for my wife and I. I also tried 1Password (because of Masked Email with Fastmail) but I prefer Bitwarden. I will write about masked email in a future article.

As usual I did some amazing contribution to open source projects:


Lazy year was lazy !

Strava says I did 1267kms; a lot less than last year, but I did some nice rides:

Cycling at the Col de la Givrine


I continued cooking for a few months, I made some breads and I have never felt so French! I had to stop for a few months for personal reasons but now I can get back into it. Yeah!

Some bread

I also upgraded my cookies level and I am getting close to what I want: some sablés which are cooked but not brown. Still a few tests to do :).


We were able to go to France to see the family a few times.

We also went to Fribourg in July:


And Thun / Bern in September:


We also went to the Musée Rath, part of the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Genève for a tête à tête with some art pieces, it was amazing:

La Toilette d’Atalante from James Pradier at the Musée Rath (Genève)


I started doing some crochet to make a beanie for the baby (this is the moment when you say "whaaaat" and yes, we have a daughter now). I have been quite lazy at the end of the year. I have to finish a cardigan for my wife.

I also bought a nice ukulele but I don't have much time to practice.



I tried to do some music review in the French part of my website, but it takes more time than I thought. I'd like to try again in 2022.

Some nice albums for your ears:

And we have been listening to a lot of classical music.


Movies I liked:

TV shows I liked:


Still spending to much time reading stuff on the Internet... But here are some books I finished last year:

And I am in the middle of La Horde du Contrevent (in French).

In 2022 I want to read Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy.


Happy new year!

Happy New Year to all those who will have a good year. Good luck and hang in there for the others, 2023 will be there promptly.

If you are still reading, know that I love you very much. Let's end this with a lovely song: black midi - John L - YouTube