To 2023 and beyond

2023-01-01 Last modified on 2023-01-01

Hello folks, I hope you are doing well.


We released Cyber Attacks in Times of Conflict Platform #Ukraine. The website is made with Next.js, we followed the hype and used Tailwind (I don't think we will do that again). We use Go for the API and it is deployed on Kubernetes (true story) using a custom Helm Chart. So many buzzwords!

We also updated the theme on our website, we use Krowd with a set of colours and fonts - can we call this "design"? - instead of the same theme ^^ (but it was tweaked in strange ways so we were not able to apply updates).

I converted a few coworkers to matcha, quite proud of that.

In 2023 I'll look into data management and pipelines, quite exciting!

I also became a CxO! We had a lovely intern so I was the Chief Guillaume Officer. We spent 6 months together and it was a lot of fun. We worked together on the following:

  • Deployment and configuration of a Moodle platform
  • Automatic retrieval and translation of articles from the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine.
  • A set of tools to dump data from a website, push it to a database, and an app on top of it to display the content.

Good job Guillaume!

Not work

Lazy year was lazy (well, busy with something more important ^^), so I have not cycled much (but I will in 2023!).

I quit Twitter on May 1st following the acquisition announcement and I don't regret it. This was followed by a set of rules I try to respect to be less "connected". I wrote a bit about this on my French website: Quelques pas vers un monde libre de distractions

I kept on publishing my "News from last month" articles, I think it is useful for a few more people than me. Cool!

I finally took the time to make my MacBook Air (2021, Intel) usable by installing Linux on it (thanks to this). I went with EndeavourOS because I am lazy. I use Arch - almost - btw.

I am still cooking a bit and baking some cakes! I improved on the cookies game, and started playing with some financiers. This will continue in 2023.


We were able to go to Japan (after a cancellation from Air France the day before because Russia, we went with Etihad) for a few weeks.

Enjoying some sakura trees in Tokyo

I highly recommend going to Japan when tourists are not allowed, we were able to go to the top of Sky Tree and it was almost empty:

View from Sky Tree in Tokyo

We also went to Paris and Lyon to visit some friends and family.

For the summer holidays, we went to Vevey / Montreux, then Gstaad, and Gruyères. We took the Belle Époque train from Montreux to Gstaad because i really like to ride the train:

View from the train between Montreux and Gstaad



I have a Rate Your Music account and made a list of nice albums.

My top albums of the year (ordered by release date, not preference):


I have a letterboxd account

Movies I liked:

And a bunch of "old" classics:

TV shows I watched / continued:

I want to see:


I don't have much time for this, but here we go:

In French:


Nothing much, last year I started Cyberpunk 2077, made a pause for a few weeks, which became a pause for a few months.

I finally started GTA 5!

Happy new year!

Happy New Year to all those who will have a good year. Good luck and hang in there for the others, 2024 will be there promptly.

If you are still reading, know that I love you very much. Let's end this with a lovely song: