Twitter Cleaner

2016-10-12 Last modified on 2021-05-24

You may have heard of JS Fatigue. I am currently in a Twitter Fatigue mood.

I use each social network differently:

  • G+ was for my mum (Hi!)
  • Facebook for buddies and following some musicians or groups.
  • Twitter for tech, where I spend a loooot of time.

And I got too many people, and too many tweets...

It was too much.

Also, freaking ads. Each eighth tweet is a sponsored one. Damn.

I also want to clear my timeline from inactive people that I don't care about.

So, I wrote twitter-cleaner (on gitlab or github thanks to gitzytout).


twitter-cleaner is made in golang and uses the following dependencies:


I was following ~1120 accounts and I am back at 709... And it won't stop here, I need to cleanup active people now, but that is another story :)

Also, I want to check links in my old tweets and remove the ones with links that doesn't work anymore.